This is a picture of the Severson 
Family taken in 1965.

Severson Family Reunion Details
Date: July 7-9, 2005 (Thursday-Saturday)
Location: Harold & Margene's House in Volcano
Details: Everyone will be helping out with food, bringing their own bedding, etc.  We will let you know when more details are available.  Hope to see you there!
Newly Added Info: We went to visit the place where the ride, river and swimming, gold panning, steak barbeque, campfire etc. yesterday. The whole thing is an evening event from 5pm to 10pm. This would necessitate everyone staying over Saturday night probably as they only do this on Saturday night. They also require all the money when you make the reservation. Knowing this, we would have to have a pretty firm commitment from everyone. The 9th of July is on a Saturday, the last night of our get together, also Gary and Juanita's anniversary, so it would be a nice finale to the whole event and we would love to have everyone stay for Church the next day.  Don't worry about the cost- this is our treat!
  Please RSVP below:

Grandma checked on the event we had talked about for Saturday, July 9th.  They want us to make the reservation right away. We need you all to RSVP right away!  Estimate low as I think they will add a few at the end and also they want the money with the reservation.  Check other items below that interest you (they don't need RSVP, but we want to get an idea)!

Buggy trip down to the river, gold panning, and barbeque. Include little ones as well as they charge for them as well.  Saturday, July 9th.
Please list the names in your family for RSVP for the Buggy Trip:

Sutter Gold Mine: This is a hard hat event for 3-4 hours with lots of things going on. (no small children) This might be a good time for all those who aren't interested in the mine to go shopping in Sutter Creek and Amador City. (both very interesting).


Black Chasm Cavern: National Natural Landmark in Volcano. Haven't been but everyone says it is pretty spectacular.

Indian Grinding Rock Museum and hike.

Pine Grove.

Kennedy Gold Mine: Jackson. This is a land tour.

Hanging out and watching movies at home.

Bear River Reservoir - swimming and boating.